Linda Shea

Dr. Linda Shea
Director of Instrumental Music
Summit High School

Dr. Linda Shea teaches symphonic band, jazz band, orchestra and music theory at Summit High School.  A true Colorado native, Linda was born and raised in the Denver area and received degrees in music from the University of Colorado, the University of Northern Colorado and the University of Denver.  She ended up in Summit County three years ago when she found herself quickly growing tired of the city life in the Denver metro area (and especially the freelance musician lifestyle that involved driving up and down the Interstate). In fact, it was just when she wondered if a teaching position might open up in the mountains, that Summit High School announced they were looking for a new Director of Instrumental Music.  Dr. Shea applied, got the job and is just starting her fourth year of teaching at the school. 

When asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, in high school Linda would have said, “why certainly a concert pianist!”  (She eagerly started piano lessons at age 7 and then joined the school band on clarinet at age 9).  But after Linda started college as a piano major, she came to the realization that she PROBABLY would not be playing in the Van Cliburn Competition in this lifetime so she changed her major to emphasis to the clarinet.  She quickly began her orchestral career as a clarinetist a few years out of college when she won an audition for the (now) Colorado Springs Philharmonic.   Linda continues to perform with the CSPO and also plays with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra in Denver and other organizations in the area, whenever she has the opportunity.  Having lived in Colorado most of her life, Linda often runs into great musicians from across the country that comment on how lucky she is to live in Summit County and still have a career in music.  There is no question about that….

Because of the wide variety of her playing and teaching experiences, Linda knows many professional musicians and educators from many different places and enjoys bringing people together to collaborate.  Her Friends tease her that “she seems to know everyone” and being the “people-person” that she is, Linda collects friends like some people collect stamps.  Once you’ve connected with Linda in some aspect, don’t be surprised to hear from her again down the road.  At this point, Linda looks forward to connecting with other members of the Board of Trustees for the National Repertory Orchestra, which is an orchestra that she played in as a clarinet sub during the 1988/89 seasons.  As a young musician, everyone dreams of becoming a member of the NRO and what an honor to be asked to join the Board of Trustees for the same organization.