West Point horn section - Drew Mangus, Nick & Nicole CaluoriPictured from left to right, Nicholas Caluori, Drew Mangus and Nicole (de la Cal) Caluori are all NRO alumni, all are graduates of Southern Methodist University under the tutelage of Gregory Hustis and all currently make up 3/4 of the horn section in the West Point Band.  

Nick (NRO 2005) was first to win a position with the West Point Band as third horn in 2005.  Nicole (NRO 2006 & 2008) was a Tanglewood fellow in 2007 and won her position in the band as principal horn in 2009.  Then Drew (NRO 2013) followed, winning his position as second horn in 2013.

As part of one of the premier bands in the country, this trio has performed with the New York Philharmonic, participated in September 11th performances at the Holy Trinity Church in Manhattan and opened major venues such as Four Freedoms Park in New York City and the Patriot Plaza in Sarasota, Florida.  They have also performed for the President of the United States and, most recently, in a 4th of July concert with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir at West Point. 

Being located only 45 minutes north of New York City allows them the opportunity to perform regularly throughout the tri-state area and the country.  All three perform with the Albany Symphony Orchestra, the Hudson Valley Philharmonic and in different chamber ensembles. Drew has toured extensively in the San Diego area with the West Point Brass Quintet and they are gearing up for a big trip to Salt Lake City.  Nicole is part of the West Point Woodwind Quintet, which has performed at the Shalin Liu Performing Arts Center for the Rockport Music Festival in Rockport, MA.  And, Nick performs with the Academy Brass Quintet, which was recently featured in a Fox News Channel Holiday Special titled, “West Point Holiday.”

Nick speaks for the group when he says, “The three of us agree that our summers at NRO gave us the experience we needed to jump start our professional careers.  What a privilege it is to play in a section with fellow NRO alumni, where we can continue to grow the way we did during our time in Breckenridge.   Our other connection, being former students of Gregory Hustis at SMU, even further strengthens our bond.”