It’s true that the National Repertory Orchestra has a profound impact on its young musicians and audiences, but when it comes to the planet, the organization takes special measures to tread as lightly as possible.

The efforts have not gone unnoticed. This December, High Country Conservation Center proclaimed the NRO its Resource Wise Rookie of the Year.

High Country Climate Action Manager Narelle Kipple points out that The NRO’s most noteworthy effort involves more than 100 visiting musicians and staff.

“Along with being welcomed like locals, the musicians get a crash course in Summit County sustainability, a reusable water bottle and a shopping bag to cut down on single-use plastic,” Kipple says. “Plus, NRO staff maintains a gently used stock of household items including bedding and kitchenware to use during their stay to reduce the amount of buying and tossing for their short stay. At the end of the season, NRO staff ensure leftover items find another home in our community rather than the landfill.”

Not only that, but the NRO provides about 60 bicycles for staff and musician transportation every summer.

Additional efforts considered for the award were the NRO’s app for concertgoers that reduces paper by supplying digital tickets as well as performance and program information. The NRO also practices recycling in its office and swapped out regular bulbs for longer lasting LEDs.

The National Repertory Orchestra edged 26 businesses and organizations to win the Rookie of the Year Award.

“Businesses can follow suit by joining the Resource Wise program to identify the ‘low-hanging fruit’ they can implement at their own business to become more sustainable,” Kipple says.

Photo: NRO staff, courtesy of Narelle Kipple