Nat Hickman

Columbus, Ohio

Capital University, Bachelor of Arts in Music and Interdisciplinary Studies, 2023

Nat John Hickman (he/they), age 22, is a 2023 graduate from Capital University in Bexley Ohio with a double major Bachelors of Art in music and interdisciplinary studies. Nat has occupied many roles like a professional photographer who has worked freelance with Capital University and the Columbus Museum of Art, a building and events intern, being the Visual Arts Editor for ReCap Magazine, and at the Columbus Museum of Art on the Social Media Ambassadors team.
Nat hopes to create a more inclusive and transparent space for marginalized groups and constantly aims to be positively disruptive in the nonprofit sector. Studying under principal bassoonist of the Columbus Symphony, Betsy Sturdevant, Nat is an accomplished bassoonist. Hickman has played with the Symphonic Winds, the top ensemble at Capital Univeristy, all four years playing both bassoon and contrabassoon. Nat has performed at Carnegie hall twice, once with the Columbus Symphony Youth Orchestra, and the Capital University Symphonic Winds at the New York Wind Band Festival.

What is something interesting that people may not know about you?
The first time I ever flew on a plane, I also jumped out of it and skydived for my 21st birthday. I can whistle bassoon concertos. And played at Carnegie Hall twice!

What are you hoping to learn this summer at the NRO?
This summer, I am hoping to get a taste of the professional arts marketing scene and develop a rhetoric that aligns with modern day nonprofits.

What activities/hobbies do you most enjoy?
I love watercolor, Photography, playing Mancala, and being a goofball.