John Landon

John and his wife Kathy are full time residents of Breckenridge, and their children and grandchild fortunately live on the front range. John and Kathy are natives of Atlanta, Georgia and John earned a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee where he met Kathy. Later he received a Master of Science degree from the University of Southern California.

Following college John entered the Air Force in 1969 and spent the majority of his 27 year career as a pilot, commander and Pentagon staff officer. In 1996 he retired and remained with the Department of Defense as a civilian in the Senior Executive Service at the Pentagon primarily in the field of acquisition. He retired from civil service in 2007 and took a position with Northrop Grumman Corporation as corporate vice president in Falls Church, Virginia and remained there until his retirement in 2013.

John and Kathy enjoy the many local outdoor activities offered in our area and are active with their church and the community. They are an NRO host family and team leads for the church’s free community dinners. John is also a member of the vestry at St John the Baptist Episcopal and continues to consult for a government agency.