Johanna Gibbs

Like so many Summit County locals, Johanna was originally drawn to the outdoor recreation opportunities in the mountains, but she has stayed in the community because of the people. Summit is a special place with not only breathtaking views and activities, but a strong community fabric woven with a rich arts culture that brings world-class entertainment opportunities for visitors and locals to enjoy.

In 2015, Johanna and her husband Dan were asked to become part of the NRO Community Link program as a local host family for musicians. It was this experience that really opened Johanna’s eyes to the transformative role the NRO plays not only in the community but in the lives and careers of the musicians. Johanna is excited to deepen her role with NRO through her service on the board.

For the last 20 years, Johanna has worked to engage diverse groups of federal, state, and local agencies as well as the private sector, citizens, and advocates to help build common understanding, forge new partnerships, and work to build shared solutions to complexed problems. Much of her work is focused on capacity building, public affairs, strategy development, and consensus building. She currently serves as Principal for the locally based small business consulting firm, Gibbs Strategies which she launched in 2021.

By day, you will find Johanna and her husband Dan enjoying the local trails as a family and by night sitting in the very back row of concerts with their two young children twirling to the music.