Caroline Ramos

Hialeah- Miami, Florida

University of Central Florida, Bachelors in Horn Performance, 2021

Caroline Ramos is a horn player and music librarian from Miami Florida. They received their Bachelors in Horn Performance from the University of Central Florida where they studied under Dr. Benjamin Lieser. Caroline began their music librarian career with the University of Central Florida Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Dr. Chung Park. Caroline currently works at the Boston Conservatory as the Head Performance Librarian.

What is something interesting that people may not know about you?
I am a triplet and my partner is also a triplet!

What are you hoping to learn this summer at the NRO?
I have never had a mentor in the music librarian world so I am excited to learn a lot from Anna and continue to expand my knowledge of music librarianship!

What activities/hobbies do you most enjoy?
reading, cooking, cycling, outdoor activities