michael-kemp-wso-2-croppedMichael Kemp, NRO Timpani 2014, has been the Principal Timpanist of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra in Canada since 2015, and previously held the position of Principal Timpanist with the Erie Philharmonic in Erie, PA. In demand as a Guest Principal Timpanist, Michael has appeared with many orchestras including the Detroit Symphony, Baltimore Symphony, Buffalo Philharmonic, Albany Symphony, West Virginia Symphony, and the Reading Symphony.

Mr. Kemp adds, “My summer performing with the National Repertory Orchestra was an incredible and invaluable experience. Having recently completed my graduate studies when I joined the NRO, the experience I had that summer was extremely helpful in preparing myself for the professional world and gaining confidence in myself as a player. The opportunity to perform such a large volume and variety of music at a high level in a very short amount of time taught me how to be more efficient with my preparation. The training provided at the NRO allows serious musicians the perfect opportunity to hone their craft under the guidance of great conductors and along side highly skilled colleagues who share their passion and excitement for music making. To be able to do all of this while living in the unbelievable beauty of Breckenridge was an extraordinary experience. My summer at NRO was extra special because I was able to attend the festival and make music with my now fiancée, Anna Scheider, who plays bass. I also really appreciated how the NRO connected its musicians with the community by assigning each musician a host family. I was fortunate enough to have a terrific host family in Joe and Rose Mary Grove as well as be welcomed into Anna’s host family, Mike and Jeanie Kramer, with open arms. I am deeply grateful to have been a part of the National Repertory Orchestra and fondly reflect upon my musical and personal growth during that summer”.