Travis Wilson HikingThe NRO is proud to announce that Travis Wilson, NRO 2014 Video & PR Intern, recently got an offer from Rocky Mountain PBS in Denver, Colorado.  He is now the Television/Radio Producer for the development departments for Rocky Mountain PBS and KUVO Public Radio. His primary duties include planning and carrying out all television, radio and web fundraising efforts in addition to creating other forms of content for all types of broadcast. 

Travis Wilson B&WBefore joining the NRO this past summer season, Travis recently graduated from Montana State University with a BA in film production.  When he’s not working on anything media related, Travis likes to spend his free time fly-fishing, hiking, bike-riding, playing guitar and staying outside as much as possible. 

Mr. Wilson did a fantastic job for the NRO, taking wonderful photos and producing outstanding videos that will continue to be used in our marketing efforts for years to come.  Travis, thank you for your hard work this past summer – congratulations and good luck in your new position!