Sarah Elert – Assistant Principal Second

Assistant Principal Second
  • Violin
  • Assistant principal second
  • Session A and B
  • Barbara Strauss and Paul A. Finkel Chair

A native of Annapolis, Maryland, Sarah holds a Master’s of Music from Boston University and a Bachelor’s of Music from the University of Colorado Boulder. Her teachers include Bayla Keyes, Harumi Rhodes, and Lina Bahn. Sarah has also participated in the Aspen Music Festival, National Symphony Orchestra Summer Music Institute, and Icicle Creek Chamber Music Institute. She will pursue an Artist Diploma in Orchestral Studies through the San Francisco Academy Orchestra starting this fall.

What is something interesting that people may not know about you?
One time I escaped a forest fire in Wyoming on horseback in the dead of night. Wouldn’t recommend.

What has been the best meal of your life?
Pizza from Certaldo, a little town in Italy a group of friends and I found by accident. We took a train aimlessly through Tuscany, got off at the first place that looked interesting, and ended up having our lives changed by pizza.