Nicholas Lindell – Principal

  • Principal
  • Viola
  • Session A and B
  • Carolee and John Hayes Chair

Nicholas Lindell is currently pursuing graduate degrees in viola at Rice University. He previously studied violin, viola, and mathematics at the University of Georgia. He has attended summer programs at Brevard, Aspen, and even a math internship with the NSA. Nicholas was UGA’s Presser Foundation scholar in 2017 and is a finalist in the American Viola Society’s Collegiate Solo Competition this year. He loves all things folk music and also outdoors, from bicycling to soccer to frisbee.

What is something interesting that people may not know about you?
I danced classical ballet for ten years as a kid, and traditional Irish step dance for a while as well (even though I’m 0% Irish). I credit most of my athletic ability and any grace that I do or don’t have to my dancing experience–it truly is the hardest sport!! I certainly got made fun of, but I learned how to laugh off the haters. I still seriously play violin, which I started on–I didn’t get viola lessons until my undergraduate years. I’ve fiddled with numerous Celtic and folksy bluegrass bands and love to play jazz.

What is your favorite show, movie, or podcast?
I really love Star Wars. I do think Ep.8, The Last Jedi, was excellent (hot take).