Josh Thaver

Spring, TX

Baylor University School of Music (2014-2018)
BME, Instrumental Music Education

University of Michigan, School of Music, Theatre, and Dance (2020-2022)
MM, Viola Performance

Joshua Thaver is a currently active classroom music teacher and orchestral musician in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area. He earned a BME in Instrumental Music Education from Baylor University, and a MM in Viola Performance from University of Michigan SMTD. As a teacher, he teaches violin, viola, and cello in private lessons and serves as the music teacher for Schoolhouse Montessori. His principal teachers include Kathryn Steely and Caroline Coade.

What is something interesting that people may not know about you?
While I have never been trained classically, dance has always been a fun hobby. I performed in many intramural cultural dance teams during my undergraduate, even choreographing for some, and performing in various openers and intramural competitions. I did take a few dance classes in my master’s but now I pursue dance on my own in the comforts of my living room 🙂

Name three of your favorite composers:
Johannes Brahms, Paul Hindemith, Claude Debussy

When taking a break from music-making, what is your favorite thing to do?
Painting OR taking a long walk outside with my dog, Daisy.

What are you most looking forward to this summer with the NRO?
During this summer with NRO, I wish to learn how I can contribute to the orchestral world both on and off stage. As I have had to become incredibly multifaceted this past gap year, in terms of my “modern musician” career path, orchestra has been but a small part of how I am currently sharing my gift of music with others. This summer I want to delve into performing, engaging with my audiences, and getting to truly understand what an orchestra can bring to their community, and to the environment as a whole.