mike-masseyMichael Massey fell in love with the University of Denver in 1964.  It wasn’t only because they gave him money to go to school there (although that was a big part of it), but also Denver was about 500 miles from Wichita, Kansas where he grew up.  Far enough away so that his parents couldn’t come out every weekend; but close enough that they could come visit if he really needed them. Besides, there were mountains; which you don’t find in Wichita.

After four years at DU, the school still wanted to give Mike money, so he went to law school there as well.  He then practiced in Denver for the next 30 years, 15 years with a small, boutique securities firm and 15 years with his own firm.  At the end of 30 years, Mike returned to the University of Denver as faculty at the law school.

During his 30 years of practice, Mike got married to a wonderful woman; helped raise a wonderful daughter; was involved in a lot of different organizations and mostly served on their boards:  the South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce, the University of Denver Alumni Association, Historic Littleton (an organization which Mike started), and several others.  He also dabbled in politics, wrote a newspaper column for The Villager newspapers (which actually won a Colorado Press Association award), wrote for and acted in some local community theatre, and generally tried to give back to his community.

The NRO, according to Mike, “not only provides a great opportunity to give back to a variety of communities, but it also affords another way to assist in the development of the careers of young people, another important cause of mine.”

While teaching at DU, he started a mentoring program for students because he was concerned that they needed a “friend in the law biz” after they graduated.  When Mike ended his teaching career, the Dean of the law school suggested he stay on part time to develop this mentoring program.  This program is incredibly successful today:  500 students, 300 mentors and a five year program.  Mike is still involved in this program today.