ScottHartman smallScott Hartman, bass trombonist of the National Repertory Orchestra in 2012, will be joining the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra as Principal Bass Trombone beginning in September 2014. Before heading to Charlotte, Scott will be graduating in June from DePaul University in Chicago.  Currently he is the principal bass trombonist of the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, the training orchestra of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.  This past summer Scott won the International Trombone Association’s Edward Kleinhammer Orchestral Bass Trombone Competition, and was a finalist in the ITA Donald Yaxley Solo Bass Trombone Competition.

Scott is not only excited to be moving closer to his hometown of Orlando, FL, but he is also thrilled to be joining a professional symphony orchestra. The Charlotte Symphony is a full time symphony orchestra that also does several fully staged operas each season through the opera company Opera Carolina. Scott states, “I love opera repertoire and have always enjoyed playing in opera orchestras, so the opportunity to continue to play in operas while also having a full symphony orchestra season is a terrific aspect of being in the CSO that I really look forward to.”
When asked about his experience with the NRO, Scott says, “My summer in Breckenridge as a member of the NRO was truly one of the most important periods in my musical development thus far. It was terrific to play phenomenal repertoire in a great orchestra on such a frequent basis. The National Repertory Orchestra is unique in its similarity to the intensity of the performance schedules and repertoire selections of professional orchestras. My summer at NRO was very important in preparing me for a professional career in the multitude of experience gained in refining the skills needed to perform in an orchestra at the highest level. Performing so many concerts and going through many masterworks of the orchestral repertoire was also hugely valuable in bolstering my confidence in performance and in gaining familiarity with a large amount of the core orchestral repertoire. I will cherish my memories of my summer in Breckenridge and will always be grateful for the experiences gained in my time in the National Repertory Orchestra.”
The National Repertory Orchestra would like to congratulate Scott on his many accomplishments and wish him the best of luck in Charlotte!