Molly WertsMolly Werts, violinist with National Repertory Orchestra in 2010 and 2012, won a one-year contract for Assistant Principal 2nd with Rochester Philharmonic. Even though it is a full time position, she is continuing to work to complete her Master’s degree at CIM, and plans to graduate in May 2014. 

Molly says, “NRO was an incredible place for me to gain experience playing orchestral repertoire at a very high level.  I was constantly amazed by how well the musicians were treated during our stay.  In rehearsals, we were treated as professionals, and outside of rehearsals we were treated with the greatest warmth by Breckenridge locals and our host families.  I will always keep these memories of my two summers at NRO with  fondness, and appreciate the musical experience that I gained there.”

Congratulations, Molly, from your Breckenridge and NRO family!