Dani Meier and Pat PfisterDanielle Meier (bass) and Patrick Pfister (trombone) met in the summer of 2009 while playing for the National Repertory Orchestra.  For this musical couple, Breckenridge is not only where their relationship began, but also where they gained unparalleled professional experience and were able to enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle.  They look back on their time with the NRO fondly. 

Since 2009, Pat graduated with his master’s degree from Indiana University and within a week won the Principal Trombone spot in the Omaha Symphony.  Dani worked on her own master’s degree and returned to the NRO in the summer of 2010.  After completing her schooling, Dani joined Pat in Omaha in 2012 and won her own Section Bass position with the Omaha Symphony in October of that year.

When not at the orchestra hall, both Dani and Pat play chamber music around the Omaha area for various organizations, including the Omaha Consort and the Omaha Chamber Music Society. Dani also teaches privately, runs bass sectionals in schools around the city and works as part of an education-based quartet.

Outside of music, the pair try to stay active.  As Breckenridge’s soccer field and musicians-only ultimate frisbee are no longer available, they have been trying Crossfit for little over a year.  Dani admits that Pat can, “lift much heavier things”. The couple are also parents to three wonderful and often ridiculous cats.  Their love of animals has also led them to become volunteers for Feline Friendz and the Taysia Blue Siberian Husky Rescue.
The NRO loves to hear from alumni!  Thank you so much, Dani and Pat, for the update and please keep in touch going forward.