Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

As an intensive summer festival committed to developing diverse, thoughtful, and socially conscious musicians through experiential learning, we believe the National Repertory Orchestra (NRO) is well positioned to affect change in classical music. We acknowledge the presence of historic and current racism and other forms of discrimination within the classical music industry. Historically, orchestras have not been accessible for everyone. Not all have felt welcomed to the stage, the offices, the boardroom, or the audience. We recognize that we are surrounded by these practices of exclusion; and we have the opportunity to help create change.

As an organization, we are engaged in the ongoing work of identifying and dismantling systems of racism, discrimination, and barriers to access and we are committed to build more just ones. The change we want to see starts with our own actions. In order to build and sustain greater diversity, equity and inclusion in the NRO, we must commit to a deeper understanding of our own context, history, industry and society.

We will focus on the actions necessary to build greater equity and inclusion. The NRO is committed to a process of transformation and growth to elicit real change by:

  • Accepting individuals where they are in their own understanding and learning processes around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and antiracism.
  • Acknowledging that hearing an array of perspectives will allow us to grow together as an organization.
  • Committing to constant learning and growth.
  • Modeling change via our internal behaviors, practices, and policies.
  • Centering voices of the least represented and most marginalized individuals and groups across our efforts.
  • Engaging with and in our community to allow us to learn and serve them in a meaningful way.
  • Actively welcoming and being accessible to all.
  • Committing to a process of transformation and growth with empathy, curiosity, and compassion.
  • Supporting and standing with those who have been and continue to be marginalized.
  • Considering and applying DEI and antiracism principals in every decision we make.

Our work will not be perfect—we are going to make mistakes. But action is non-negotiable. We are committed to investing in change, learning/unlearning, apologizing when we fail, and trying again.