Laura Appert CroppedLaura Appert comes from a musical family.  Her father is a conductor, composer, and professor of music, her mother is a coloratura soprano and teacher, and they’ve lived in Vancouver, Washington for the past 25 years.  Her sister Rebecca is a violinist based near Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Laura has a Bachelor’s degree from Eastern Washington University and a Master’s degree from the College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati.  Both degrees are in viola performance.  She is passionate about orchestral playing and after completing her degree from CCM she gained experience both as a teacher and performer, most notably as principal viola of Huntington (WV) Symphony, and performing with West Virginia Symphony, Lexington Philharmonic Orchestra, Kentucky Symphony Orchestra, and Ohio Valley Orchestra, to name a few.  She was a member of the CCM Preparatory teaching faculty and the Wyoming Fine Arts Center.  In 2006, she took a position at Bermuda School of Music in Bermuda as a music teacher and performer, where she performed chamber music and as principal viola for the Bermuda Philharmonic Orchestra.  While in Bermuda she became known for her work with young children in Kindermusik and Suzuki violin lessons.  She met her now husband Keith, a professional baker in 2008.  They both had a dream to live in France.  After having their son in 2012 they decided it was time to make preparations to relocate.  In spring 2015 they made the leap and left their jobs to begin a search for a home in France.  After several months of searching, they found a home in the Charente, about 2 hours from Bordeaux, and an hour from Cognac, Limoges, Poitiers and Angouleme.  Part of their plan involved finding a property where they could open a B&B with Keith teaching baking lessons.  Several months of renovations later, they opened their B&B in August 2016 and are now welcoming guests and friends to their little corner of France.  Laura has found an amateur orchestra to play with in Poitiers, and is actively looking for professional viola positions in the area while continuing to work on improving her French!  She started a website to promote herself as a wedding musician as well.  In between all of the setting up of work and life, they welcomed a baby girl in November 2016 and are adjusting to life with two children.  You can find out more at Baking classes/B&B/France/Jambon de printemps

 Laura went to several summer festivals while a student, but most notably NRO in 2003.  The level of playing was exceptional, some of the best playing as an ensemble that she’s ever experienced.  The world-class conductors, soloists, and other musicians were so inspirational to her as a player.  She is still in contact with several of her colleagues, who are all involved in musical projects far and wide.

“I would recommend NRO to any young player, the atmosphere of Breckenridge combined with the faculty and other musicians was such an incredible experience.  It is definitely one of the best training programs in the U.S. for orchestral playing.”