D  Wilson OchoaD. Wilson Ochoa, NRO Horn alumnus from 1990 (when NRO was in Keystone), is now the Principal Librarian with the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

After leaving the NRO, Mr. Ochoa played professionally for 13 years with various organizations including the Memphis Symphony, Tulsa Philharmonic, Charleston Symphony, toured with the American Sinfonietta, and subbed with the Atlanta Symphony.

A medical issue ended his playing career and he became an orchestral librarian. Previously with the Charleston and Nashville symphonies, now Principal Librarian with the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

Mr. Ochoa states, “NRO was a wonderful experience for me and introduced me to several fellow horn players who have become lifelong friends – 25 years and counting! I will always be grateful for that experience.” Below he is pictured with the rest of the NRO 1990 horn section in Keystone, CO.

D. Wilson Ochoa and NRO 1990 horn section